Issam Alnajjar & Elyanna – Hada Ghareeb


Download Issam Alnajjar & Elyanna – Hada Ghareeb 2021 Full Mp3 Song


Verse: When I wake up you’re the first thing that crosses my mind Keeping me company night and day And occupying my thoughts I see you every two days And I still ask if it’s enough “Friendship” feels like it’s heading nowhere, and it’s bringing me down Prechorus: I wish you could feel My heartbeat When you’re nearby I wish I could tell you (actual translation: and that I can stop hiding) Chorus: I’m afraid to tell you Everything locked in my chest I haven’t slept for two nights I wish you could say it instead And rid me of my anxieties I’m scared that if it all comes out I’d become a stranger to you. A stranger to you Woke up in the middle of the night, my thoughts are haunting me. Oh mama i’m starting to fall in love ( feel it in my heart) We’ve been friends for 2 years, we used to talk so casually(as friends), now we cant even form 1 sentence. Pre: I wish you can feel my heart beat when you near me, and i keep hiding it. Chorus: I’m scared to say what i’m hiding in my heart, I couldn’t sleep for 2 days. I wish u can say how u feel instead of me, and set me free, because i’m scared to say whats on my mind bc that might (change/ruin everything) and u might become a stranger(after u know the truth) Bridge 2nd half ELYANNA: I wish i can just say whats on my mind, i wish my eyes can tell u the truth so you can read my secret( what i’m hiding)


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