WAMA consists of 4 very talented members:
Ahmed Shamy, Ahmed Fahmi, Nader Hamdy, Mohamed Nour

Egypt’s leading boy band, which consists of 4 members-all graduates of the Egyptian conservatoire-, has emerged recently to present Egypt and the region with a new music genre. WAMA has just successfully released their second album “Ya Ghaly Alaya” in Feb. 2005…Three videos were shot for the album by the renown director Mr. Tarek Al Arian. The first video is for the hit single “Tehlefly Asada'” which remained on top of the radio charts for 5 consecutive weeks… WAMA second album is considered by all industry experts as a great success…as they are now undeniably the NB. 1 BOY BAND IN EGYPT AND MIDDLE EAST …

All the boys have been musically gifted since they were toddlers. They all came together in the late eighties and became friends while they were studying at the Cairo conservatoire. They grew up with a passion for writing, composing, and singing their own music, besides playing classical music in orchestras all over the world. In 1998, Mohamed Nour and Ahmed Fahmi decided to take their dreams a step further and form their own band. They were then approached by Nader Hamdy and Ahmed Shamy to join the band. Shamy came up with the band’s name, which is the first letter of each member’s name (W is for Waddour, Nader Hamdy’s nickname.)

WAMA was formed in 1999. They wrote their own lyrics and started composing, singing, and arranging their demo tape. The first song they wrote “Hobaha Gowa El Albien” (Her love inside two hearts) was based on the true story of a girl whom both Fahmi and Nour liked! The single was composed by Nour and arranged by Waddour. The title track “Ya Leil” was remixed with a house mix to appeal to the club scene. The track was written in celebration of Ahmed Fahmi’s engagement to his long-time girlfriend. Their first album “Ya Leil”, which was released in 2003, proved to be a great success and propelled the band to the heights of stardom.

Waddour (Nader Hamdy): Was born on September 17th in Cairo. Waddour is the most reserved member of the band. He likes to keep to himself and lets out his emotions in his arrangement of the band’s music. His father was a musician and his mother was an actress. His passion for Piano became evident at an early age and eventually reaped its rewards. His talent became so evident, that famous maestros like Daniel Barenboin asked for him personally to perform in international concerts and take part in classical music competitions. He looks up to Michael Jackson and Abdel Halim Hafez. His aim is to present a new genre to Egypt and the region and hopefully achieve crossover appeal with his music.

Ahmed Shamy: Was born in Cairo on September 12th. Ahmed is very adventurous and outgoing. He lived most of his childhood in Germany, where his father was working. At the age of 10, he moved to Cairo and joined the Conservatoire. His father is the dean of the Conservatoire, which explains Ahmed’s early passion for music. At the tender age of Four, Ahmed would spend his day in the kitchen, where he would use the pots and pans as a drum set and serenade the house all day. It is no surprise that since those early days, Ahmed has been passionate about drums and has displayed an overwhelming talent with that instrument. He looks up to Mohamed Mounir and his aim is to elevate his music to a higher, more educated level, and present a new standard for his listeners.

Mohamed Nour: Was born on January 18th in Cairo. His handsome looks and strong physique have made him very popular with the ladies and turned him into an admired heartthrob with the fans. However, his looks do not undermine his passion and talent for music. His love for the violin and the passion of his lyrics are all indications of a very talented artist. Mohamed is one of the founders of the band and is considered the vocal power behind it. His participation at an early age in international concerts, playing alongside big stars like Rachid Taha and Cheb Khaled, has added value and experience and has helped him mature into a serious artist. He looks up to Mohamed Abdel Wahab and Michael Bolton. His goal is to reach people with his music, and with it, reach the heights of fame.

Ahmed Fahmi: Was born on March 17th in Cairo. Ahmed is the romantic and emotional member of the band; his eyes will tell you that. Ahmed, along with Mohamed Nour, was the founder of the band. Besides being the lead vocalist, he also plays the violin, writes lyrics and composes some of WAMA’s music. Going from classical music and performing in international concerts, to Arabic pop, was a move that Fahmi has always considered inevitable. He has always been intrigued by Arabic music and the chance to perform in a band with friends that he has known for most of his life, was an opportunity he wasn’t going to pass. When he decided to form the band with Nour and noticed the enthusiasm of Shamy and Waddour to take part, it was like a dream come true. He looks up to Abdel Halim Hafez and his goal is that of most talented and respected artists: reach music immortality.

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